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WMF 1500S

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Single Group Tall Espresso Machine

The WMF1500S is a basic model for professional coffee indulgence with consistently high quality and space-saving design. 

Dimensions: 12.8″ wide x 23.24″ deep x 26.6″ high
Water Tank: apx. 4 Liters or fixed water supply
Power Requirements: 220  – 240 V / 2750 – 3250 W
Weight: 77.2 lbs.
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WMF 1500S

The WMF 1500S is the basic model for professional coffee indulgence. It offers a wide variety of specialities, consistently high quality, space-saving design, optimal reliability, user–friendliness and excellent price-performance ratio. With the Dynamic Milk System, preparing speciality drinks such mochas and lattes are simple.

General features

Easy upkeep: Basic maintenance tasks you will be able to carry out yourself. Making your machine a rare sight for the WMF service technician.
Eight beverage buttons over six levels: Up to 48 beverages in either single- or double sized cups can be programmed.
Small-Medium-Large Functions: Each desired beverage is simply matched to the various predefined filling volumes.
Slim by design: Takes up less room thanks to its exceptionally sleek dimensions. This provides more installation options for the machine, as well as possible add-on combinations.
Steam Jet / Steam shower: Brings every cup to the correct temperature in a matter of seconds — for the finest quality coffee.
Clear signals: The illuminated side panels serve as visual indicators for operation modes.


One year parts & labor warranty
Free installation within 50 miles of Indianapolis

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