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Espresso Machine & Coffee Equipment Service & Repair


Commercial Coffee & Espresso Machine ServiceWe strive to provide timely, effective service, so your business can keep making coffee.

Espresso Enterprises understands if your machine isn’t working, you’re not making money. Your espresso machine is a big investment, and an important revenue source. Whether it’s a two group traditional or a complex superautomatic espresso machine we provide the same great service.

Beginning with your call to schedule service through the time our technician leaves your facility, we never forget how important that espresso machine is to your business. Our goal is to respond to all calls by the end of the next business day. And, when needed, we offer emergency services. We gladly provide the service that best accommodates your needs.

**A $92 deposit is required before in-shop repair work will begin on a machine delivered to our Prospect Street location**

**Any machine left in our shop for  30 days after repairs have been completed, will be considered abandoned**