Many businesses, including yours, may be returning to normal business very soon. Below are some tips from our team of experts for re-opening your espresso machine.

If your espresso machine has been sitting completely idle for two or more weeks, we recommend:

  1. Take these steps 2-3 days before you re-open to ensure the machine is working.
  2. If installed softener/filter cartridge has been idle for 30+ days, we recommend it be changed before the machine is used; if that can’t happen, go to step 3.
  3. Purge the water softener/filter cartridge
    • A. Open the softener rinse valve
      • i. Usually located immediately after the softener head
      • ii. Mavea has a flush button on top of the filter head
      • iii. If there is no flush valve, disconnect the water line at the machine
    • B. Put a bucket under the rinse valve or water line (or extend line to a drain)
    • C. Ensure water to the softener is turned on
    • D. Open rinse valve
    • E. Run 4-5 gallons of water through the flush valve
    • F. Discard water
    • G. Close rinse valve
  4. Turn on espresso machine
  5. Wait till the steam boiler is completely heated and pressurized (approx. 1.1 Bar)
  6. Using the hot water tap, purge two times your boiler capacity; discard water
    • A. Determine boiler size
      • i. Check your user manual
      • ii. Check the manufacturer’s website
      • iii. Most 2-group heat exchanger machines have an 11-14 liter boiler
      • iv. If your machine has separate steam and coffee boiler, assume an 8-10 L steam boiler
  7. Purge each group head
    • A. For heat exchanger machines, flush 2 L through each group
    • B. If your machine has separate coffee boilers, flush 3x coffee boiler capacity through each group
  8. Clean each group head thoroughly; do it a 2nd time.
  9. Call if you need maintenance
    • We have 7-day service available
    • We are waiving all overtime charges through June 30th.
  10. Follow similar steps for your coffee brewer

Welcome Back & Good Luck!

And remember, we’re here to assist you with all of your espresso machine service and repair needs!