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Rancilio Classe 9 USB Xcelsius Tall

Rancilio Classe 9 USB Xcelsius Tall Used

Two Group Espresso Machine

Classe 9 USB has an eye-catching, futuristic design and is made from tough materials.

USB version, 2 groups
Dimensions: 29.53” wide x 21.25″ deep x 20.58″ high
Boiler Capacity: 11 Liters / 1500 watts
Power Requirements: 220 – 240 V / 6000 W
Weight: 163 lbs.

Rancilio Classe 9 USB

Classe 9 USB top range traditional espresso machine is a perfect combination of stylish design and technological excellence. Xcelsius is a unique temperature profiling technology that allows baristas to control the brewing temperature on a curve increasing or decreasing the temperature during the extraction process.

General features

Xcelsius Temperature Profiling Technology
Made from aluminum and stainless steel body
LCD screen with shot timers
Up to 4 different programmable time-controlled brew doses
Accommodates To-go cups
Pull out trays for small espresso size cups
Soft touch keypads for easy start and stop controls with white LED backlights
Built-in volumetric pump
Boiler and pump pressure control gauge
USB makes it easy to save drink parameters and make software and programming updates
Clever steam wand handle – fast and ergonomic
Electric cup warmer built on top of the machine to keep ceramic cups warm
Hot water outlet with different temperature options
Scratch proof dishwasher safe grid system for drain tray
Automated daily cleaning program


2 double porta filters
2 steam wands
1 hot water dispenser with programmable time controlled dosing
Cleaning discs
Hot water dispenser
Plastic coffee tamper
Rubber blind disks for cleaning
User manual
Foot extensions
One year parts & labor warranty
Free installation within 50 miles of Indianapolis

$11,000, consigned