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Slightly Used, Volumetric Nuova Simonelli Appia II w/Smart Wand

Single Group Espresso Machine

Designed for low volume locations with minimal counter space or as a high end home machine.

Dimensions: 15.74″ wide x 21.46″ deep x 20.86″ high
Boiler Capacity: 5 Liters / 1500 watts
Power Requirements: 110 V / 1700 W
Weight: 77 lbs.

This is the proverbial “…owned by a little, old lady who only drove it on Sundays…” espresso machine.   This particular machine has a manufacture date of 11/09/2017, was originally installed in Jan 2018 and removed in July 2018; supposedly, the store used less than 10lbs of coffee during that time.   Consequently, this machine includes a one year parts and labor warranty.

Appia II builds on the success of the Appia. It is a machine with high productivity and high performance which confirms all the features appreciated by over a 100,000 baristas around the world. Simple and innovative, Appia II stands out, for proven reliability and even for the modern style that makes it the ideal machine for any room.

Appia II 1 group is designed and made for baristas who want to keep serving delicious coffee and cappuccinos, although they have limited space. With the one group Appia II the best technology is concentrated in a small space to offer high performance and high reliability. Suitable for low volume locations, locations with minimal counter space, restaurants, and small coffee shops.

General features

Volumetric dosage
Electronic water level
Water level indicator
Soft Infusion System
Stainless steel wand
Programmable electric cup warmer
Cup tray

Raised group
Reverse mirror
Stainless steel work tray
Programmable on/off controls
Hot water dispenser


One year parts & labor warranty
Free installation within 50 miles of Indianapolis


When you check internet prices, you’ll find one Seattle based company sells this very same machine – volumetric, single group Appia II with auto-steam –  for $5,400 and one in Michigan sells it for $4,860 (as of Feb 14, 2019).  My machine comes with free install and a one year parts and labor warranty; is being brand new worth $1000+?  In 6 months, you’ll still have a used machine.