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We expertly service and repair Commercial Espresso Machines and Coffee Equipment like Brewers and Grinders.

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Looking for espresso and coffee equipment? Look no further. We offer leasing and new/used purchase options. We will make sure you are ready to serve customers.


Give your team an edge while improving your coffee business through onsite training. Our talented trainer is a graduate from the American Barista and Coffee School.


Lightly used Wega Concept EVDP/3-CW!
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Re-Opening Recommendations

As many coffee businesses affected by COVID-19 will soon be back to "normal" operations, let our recommendations for reopening your espresso machines help you prepare.

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Problem with your specialty coffee equipment? Our experts are ready to assist.

Serving the entire state of Indiana, western Ohio, northern Kentucky and eastern Illinois.

Tips on Hard Water & Lime

Take our advice and save money on repairs!
Don't Neglect Your Water

Don't Neglect Your Water

Water is probably the most neglected part of making coffee. If you don’t like the taste of your water, you won’t like the taste of your coffee. Most tap water is fine—whether it be well water or city water—but we recommend you test your water periodically. In most instances, relatively inexpensive water treatment can make a big improvement in your coffee. For example, if your water has a distinctive chlorine or other taste, there are numerous inexpensive, easily installed, taste & odor filters available.

Check Your Water Hardness

Check Your Water Hardness

Besides taste, the biggest water concern is its softness; hard water is the enemy of anything that heats water. When an espresso machine boils water, the minerals in that water fall out and accumulate in your boiler—just like your home hot water heater. Once in your boiler, that accumulated lime reduces your boiler capacity, can reduce heating element effectiveness, and may cause your boiler to overfill. Water carries small pieces of lime throughout the machine where it blocks flow meters, keeps valves from closing and clogs lines. We aren't exaggerating when we say 85-90%+ of our repair business is directly attributed to lime.

Watch Out for Lime Buildup

Watch Out for Lime Buildup

Is your business in Indiana? Central Indiana sits on top of some of the world’s best limestone, which is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is Indiana limestone is so desirable it was used to build the Empire State Building. The bad news is that same limestone ensures we have extremely hard water. Any central Indiana water used to make espresso must be softened. Choosing to save a little money today—by not softening your water—will cost you much more money later.

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